An optimal mental fitness routine

will increase your productivity, enhance your performance, and drive healthy lifestyle habits

We are mindset architects. Let’s collaborate to build your optimal mental fitness routine.

We are Emily Galvin and Theresa Giunta, a team of Certified Mental Performance Consultants who joined forces to create Summit Performance Consulting, your one-stop shop for all things mindset mastery.

What are our individual superpowers?
Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We help you:

Reach your next PR and set a new, more challenging one

Conquer your performance anxiety so that your big presentation is even better than your run-throughs


Earn the promotion you’ve had your eye on, and do it quicker than you can imagine


How do we do it?

Helping you to identify your biggest motivators and what blocks your intrinsic motivation

Helping you to recognize your sources of confidence and how to lean into them

Teaching you about mindfulness so that you increase objectivity, let go of self-judgment, and make room for the exciting and messy journey of growth

So much more! If it has to do with mindset, we’ve got your back (or maybe better, your brain!)

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