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We know you because we are you.

You need to know a bit more about us before you decide to trust us with your mastery journey. Before we introduce ourselves individually, allow us to explain our why. 

What’s our why?
Why do we do what we do?

We grew up as athletes and driven go-getters who liked a challenge. We experienced our fair share of success in sport, but we both know all too well the disappointing feeling of defeat, and more significantly, the stinging feeling of underperforming. 

We each discovered the field of sport psychology and had our own light bulb moments of recognizing how consistent mental skills training would have benefited our competitive experiences. 

We founded our company to use our experience and our passion to help ambitious achievers out there like you to maximize potential through mindset mastery.

That was the original goal.

Over time, our mission has gotten even clearer.

As we ventured into the elite performance world as entrepreneurs, we experienced obstacle after obstacle, partly because we were learning how to run a business through trial and error (read: trial by fire!), and partly because we were young women (we bet you can relate to that). 

We practiced what we preached by focusing on what we could control, using strategic goal setting and vision-casting, and confidence-boosting imagery to catapult us along our journey to building a company that allows us to live our purpose. 

Now, we have a clear mission to empower women to maximize their potential and crush their goals — whether on the field or in the boardroom — through deliberate and intentional mindset work. 

We use our expertise as mindset architects to create a mastery blueprint for you. Your job is to execute the vision.

Emily Galvin, MS, CMPC

  • Emily is a former 3-sport athlete (basketball, soccer, and track) who completed 2 sprint triathlons and numerous road races and is now training for her first marathon
  • She is Summit’s Managing Director of Creative Strategy 
  • Before Summit, Emily was the Assistant Director of Sport Psychology at the Philadelphia Union Academy 
  • She’s worked with a variety of sports at different levels, including numerous D1 NCAA sports (fun fact: her first client was a roller skater!) 
  • She excels at collaborating with both business and athlete clients to enhance resilience, flow, confidence, and overall mindset mastery
  • She enjoys working with teams (corporate and athletic) to develop culture, uncovering what’s working, what’s not, and where to go from there
  • Fun facts: she has 3 daughters and a serious sweet tooth and would opt for dancing as her primary way to get around if it was socially acceptable (which rarely stops her anyway) 
  • Certifications: Mental Performance Consultant; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 
  • Degrees: BS in Psychology, University of Pittsburgh; MS in Sport Psychology, Miami University of Ohio
  • Theresa is a former division II collegiate lacrosse player and 2x All American She still acts as a competitive athlete, most recently racing broad street run and a sprint spartan (now trying to conquer all things yoga poses)
  • She is Summit’s Managing Director of Business Development
  • During her tenure with Summit, she has also worked as a Managing Director for a youth lacrosse company, coached HS and club lacrosse and currently works for a pediatric therapeutic services company with operations in clinic management and culture.
  • She has worked with a variety of sports at different levels, ranging from a junior olympic luger to DI NCAA sports. She enjoys learning the ins and outs of a new sport, challenging her own limits and expertise.
  • She enjoys working with both sport and business clients to empower,  help them unlock their true potential by breaking through barriers, increasing confidence, doing mindfulness work, and overall mastering their minds. 
  • Theresa excels at working with teams to develop and build culture, problem solve and establish effective communication to achieve success 
  • Learning to keep up with two older brothers, Theresa has a unique perspective on how to conquer challenges and leverage them to become the best possible version of oneself, both personally and professionally.
  • Fun Facts: Theresa grew up vacationing on the Ocean City New Jersey say beaches and it is a home away from home for her. She dances to the beat of her internal drum and NEVER once has turned down a bowl of ice cream.
  • Certifications: Certified Mental Performance Consultant from AASP, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 
  • Degrees: Bachelors in Science from West Chester University; Masters in Kinesiology, the Psychology of Human Movement, Temple University

Theresa Giunta, MS, CMPC

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